In the world of music videos, commercials, films and other media a “treatment” is essentially a pitch.

A visual treatment cleverly references frames from films or other inspiring commercial work, archive footage, illustration, photography, art, animation or other visual art forms to capture a thought-process and approach. The treatment needs to be a strong visual experience. It needs to show a clear vision.

A well thought-out and organised treatment will help directors, creatives, producers to instill trust in the client, and effectively articulate their thoughts and vision.

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Concept DESIGN

„Conceptual design is an early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of something are articulated. It includes the design of interactions, experiences, processes, and strategies. It involves an understanding of people‘s needs and how to meet them with products, services, and processes. Common artifacts of conceptual design are concept sketches and models.“*

Visual Research

„Research is „creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications.“[1] It involves the collection, organization, and analysis of information to increase our understanding of a topic or issue. At a general level, research has three steps: 1. Pose a question. 2. Collect data to answer the question. 3. Present an answer to the question. This should be a familiar process.You engage in solving problems every day and you start with a question, collect some information, and then form an answer.“ *

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Patrizia is a creative consultant, visual researcher and treatment designer with over two decades of experience in photography and film, in advertising and narrative formats.

She founded her studio in 2000 after completing studies in photography at the Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign (State Academy for Photography) in Munich. Having gathered experience in all phases of production, Patrizia believes that for content producers the creative development phase provides the greatest leverage to achieve high quality results. That has become her primary focus over the last years.
With her wealth of experience and interdisciplinary know-how she produces visual treatments that maximize the creative potential of a project. Her broad expertise in photography, graphic design and the visual arts provides a unique advantage.

With great passion for her work, Patrizia takes on new challenges, explores new disciplines and breaks new ground. She is driven by curiosity and has a track record of contributing valuable fresh perspectives to projects.

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